Brands Available


  1. CCL PBX Intercom System - COX-105B

    ₹ 3,000.00

    • Switching Space Division Multiplexing
    • Power Supply SMPS type
    • Input AC 80V to 260V
    • Extension Loop Resistance Less than 600 Ohms
    • Ambient Temperature +5C to +45C
    • Ambient Humidity 95% Maximum
    • Recommended Batteries for Battery Backup Rechargeable 7 AH 24V Maintenance Free Lead Acid
    • batteries (Use 12V 7AH x 2 Batteries)
    • Telephone Sets Pulse or DTMF dialing Phones
    • Cabling 2 Core from every Telephone set to the PBX

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  2. CCL System/Intercom System (CLI) - 108S EPABX

    ₹ 5,000.00

    • CLI – DTMF as well as FSK
    • Auto Attendant Voice Message Recording
    • Memory Dialling : To call the frequently dialled numbers using Two Digit Codes
    • Flexible Numbering of Extensions: The extension numbers can be changed according to user’s choice

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