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Surveillance Security Systems and the Manufacturing Industry have a long & strong relationship. As technology has turned CCTV surveillance systems into network accessible management tools that relationship has grownup stronger.

Currently CCTV security camera systems are being used to have a watch upon plant safety, to boost the efficiency of assembly lines, warehousing, and every side of the manufacturing process. CCTV surveillance systems can even reduce equipment down time by acting as a correction tool by which equipment and machinery providers can have a remote view of their products during times of equipment failure.

Also CCTV security are always a great defense to raw materials and tool thefts that have been a long time challenge for the manufacturing units where easy access to expensive and hard to track assets is commonplace.

Factories and other manufacturing facilities can be benefited from the security provided by video & other surveillance products. Theft of raw materials like lumber, copper and steel etc is at an all-time high, and thieves always target factories and other huge material storage facilities with higher frequencies. Comprehensive systems of security cameras can help protect your infrastructure, employees, and materials, as well as helps you remain competitive in a growing market.

Spyeyes CCTV systems are deployed across many manufacturing sites. Our Surveillance solutions that include Video Management Systems (VMS) are highly adjustable and designed to incorporate with existing Analog, AHD and IP cameras, Fire Alarm, Access Control systems and Vehicle & Parking Management. Manufacturers are being benefited from our high quality surveillance solution because of its low maintenance, reliability, easy to use & cost-effective features.

A proper and complete surveillance system at manufacturing and industrial sites is important to help in protecting buildings and property from external threats. CCTV Cameras also helps in ensuring the safety of employees & assets, improvement in staff behavior and can be used to monitor production process and increase efficiency.

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