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Designing an integrated Surveillance security system is the most appropriated & important way to meet any facility’s needs and protect them against potential threats or mishappenings. Surveillance can help with visual evidence at any point of time in case of any incidents, help to increase productivity and to prevent false claims or any misconduct.

Spyeyes understands the fact & need of having a proper security system in healthcare institutions is of critical importance, considering there are places with highly expensive & valued equipment, accessibility to drugs, and many entrances. At the same time, heightened security requires special electronic/digital protection solutions such as control against abduction of infants from maternity wards or threats against patients or staff. Hospitals are extremely complicated buildings that need the strongest security solution 24X7 being it entrance, hall ways, parking areas, lobbies, pharmacy, billing or even patients room.

Presence of fire alarm is also important in any institutional and public environments. Hospitals have many areas that are open to the public.  In case of a fire, these facilities are highly populated and become difficult to evacuate. It is the institution’s responsibility to ensure that everyone present there is under protection. Thus integration of proper Surveillance security solutions will help in preventing lawsuits and protection of the organization’s reputation.

Staff also needs protection as they work in an environment which makes them deal with patients and/or visitors who may be unreasonable, restless or intoxicated. It is important in a hospital to be able to recognize who is allowed into which areas.  Therefore, there should be limited use of restricted areas and presence of Spyeyes CCTV cameras for public areas, Access Control and RFID identification for staff, patients and Vehicle & Parking Management for parking and areas around hospitals will keep the overall environment safe and secure.

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