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Security of students, teachers, infrastructural loss and others’ personal safety is the major increasing priority for Principals, school administrators or any Educational Institution. The educational system had been experiencing the criminal activity, non violence , ragging on campuses of all sizes.  These shocking incidents are spoiling students, faculty, staff and the reputation of the educational institutions. These sort of activities are not only limited to colleges and universities but part of it has also been found in both private and public K-12 schools.

Surveillance upgradations are expected in most of the educational premises.  Today many universities, colleges , study centres and even private K-12 schools have begun to enhance their surveillance and security capabilities during their admission & other public dealing efforts.  Also most importantly now – a days Parents are more likely to choose more secure and safer environment for their wards.

Specifically, issues such as graffiti, anti-social behaviour and unwanted visitors should be addressed by all educational organisations, also with the help of ever-increasing new technologies , the risk of burglary, arson and vandalism , harassment etc need to be considered seriously. Drugs are another concern in the youth, video evidence in case of drug dealing can be handed over to the Police and students at risk can be helped timely.

Spyeyes range of surveillance products being it CCTV Cameras, Access Control System, Vehicle & Parking Management system , Fire Alarm systems etc have been the major  tools used to decrease the risk of such issues by providing a medium for surveillance, prevention and where possible, identification of persons or vehicles.

Maintaining tight security at Educational Institution is of utmost importance & priority to ensure the safety of students, faculty, building Infrastructure & trespassers as well. Violence in schools has become a real threat, and shouldn’t be ignored,

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