Brands Available


  1. CM1750EXT

    Rs 3,200.00

    4 in. Ext. Tube Use with CM1750 TB1750 Mt

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  2. CM1750EXT-BK

    Rs 4,045.00

    4 in. Ext. Tube Use with CM1750 TB1750 Mt Blk

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  3. CM1450

    Rs 4,596.00

    Light-Duty Camera Mt Wall

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  4. Pelco BK57-1

    Rs 4,872.00

    Blower Kit for EH5700 Series 120VAC

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  5. CM1750

    Rs 5,014.00

    • Low Cost Camera Mount
    • Contemporary Design
    • Adjustable Swivel Head
    • Supports up to 7 lbs (3.2kg)
    • 1/4" - 20 Thread and Screw
    • Wall, Ceiling, Pedestal Mounting

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  6. Pelco BB5-PCA-GY

    Rs 5,023.00

    Spectra® II Gray Pendant Adapter

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  7. Pelco AH2000

    Rs 5,987.00

    Manually adjustable pan/tilt head for use with EH5700, EH8106, and EHX*E Series enclosures on PM2000/PM201

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  8. Pelco BS1750

    Rs 6,000.00

    Adjustable Swivel-Head with T-Bar Clip

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  9. Pelco AH1000 Pelco

    Rs 7,520.00

    Manual Adjustable Pan/Tilt Head for EH4700 Series

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  10. CM1750S-BK

    Rs 7,814.00

    Universal Camera Mt 3-inches up to 7lbs Blk

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